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Post by ACDC Thu Aug 31, 2017 6:58 pm

Anyone not cohering with these rules will face a suspension, ban or deletion of their account, this includes all posts and topics.

The Guidlines

• Search
There is a search feature on this forum that will help you to find information that may have already been posted up. Often people experience very similar problems so the chances are that your question has already been answered is highly likely. Regulars to the forums will usually be aware if your question has already been answered several times before, so some may become annoyed you didn't use the search feature.

• Giving advice
Give solid advice only if you are sure what you are talking about. Don't mislead people as at best you are risking their money, and at worst, you are risking their safety. It's much better to say your only guessing and let others add to your answer than to lead the person into doing something wrong, and coming back and pointing the finger at you.

• Post in the appropriate sub-forums
If you want to chat about the latest Airsoft releases, do it in "Latest News". If you are new to the forums and want to ask a question, it might be best in the "Advice & Help" forum. If you want to sell something, the "Classifieds" forums are the place to announce it. Basically, have a look at all the categories and post where you think your topic will be best suited.

• Use good English to post and check your spelling!
use your word processing software to check for basic spelling and grammar errors, we aren't looking for the best English, but it is a lot easier to read a checked post, than another like, "hi, wel i av a prob wiv me gun u c nd i dnt no wot 2 do"

• Don't post duplicate threads
Multiple threads started about the same thing may be deleted, merged or moved at the moderators' or my discretion.

• Use descriptive titles for new threads
Posting a thread/topic with the title "Look here!", or "Please help", will not attract the attention of the users. If you use titles like "JG G36C gearbox problem", or "New gun from ICS!", more people will view your post will know what they are about look at. Do not post titles in ALL CAPS, do not post misleading titles.

• Caps lock
Do not post in all Caps lock as it looks like you are shouting at somebody and is also very annoying to read.

• Use "Smileys" effectively
"Smileys" can be used in your forum posts. If you are joking about something, use them to help indicate that your statement was made humorously. They can be used to indicate your mood and show that something was not meant to be taken seriously. If you don't use them, people will assume you are being serious. Arguments have broken out before because of a misunderstood joke.

• No Arguing
Don't argue, if you feel offended by the comments of another user or believe a post is offensive, report it to the moderators, and they or I will be deal with it. Starting a fight may result in sanctions for all those involved. Our first decision is our final one!

• Be nice to other forum users
Treat others as you would like to be treated to yourself. There is absolutely no need to be abusive on these forums. If you are then your posts/threads will be edited or deleted, you may be given a warning, you may get your account suspended, and persistent offenders will be banned.

• Post Spam
Don't post just to raise your post count, there is no bonus in it, and moderators will become frustrated with the spam. Continued post spamming will result in a suitable sanction.

• Be Constructive
If you don't have something constructive to add to a thread then don't post at all. This applies especially in the "Classifieds" section, if you have something to say, PM it to the seller. Comments like "good luck with the sale" are also not appreciated.

Repeatedly ignoring these guidelines when you post, may lead to your posts or account being moderated/edited.

Forum Rules

The following are rules that must be adhered to. Failure to follow these rules will attract the attention of the forum moderators. All moderators are friendly people and follow the rules laid out to them, they are there to enforce the forums rules, if you have a problem with a particular moderator please PM me "Devastator" personally.

• Thread bashing/trolling
There will be some posts or threads in the forum that you may not like. If you dislike somebody's thread or some of the people participating in the discussion simply don't bother reading or replying to it. Posting/trolling in it with the sole purpose of having it closed (bashing) will not be tolerated.

• Off topic
Try to stay close to the original topic of a certain thread as much as you can. If you wish to talk about something else make a new topic, do not use an existing one. Remember to use the search function as there may already be a topic for what you wish to talk about.

• Spam
Adding posts that contribute nothing to the conversation (spam) will be deleted or merged with a previous post. Do not "bump" your threads by posting irrelevant information or just "bump". It is spam and will be deleted. Continuous spamming will result in warning points being added to your account, a suspension, or a ban from the forums.

• Advertising
No one is to use their account to place advertisements in their signature, avatar or any posts. Anyone caught will have there account, including all posts and topics deleted. They may also be banned by IP depending on the seriousness of the offence.

• Duplicate Accounts
Each user is only allowed one account. Duplicate accounts take up valuable system resources and annoy other forum users. It is very easy to spot duplicate accounts created or used by the same person, and any duplicate accounts found will be removed.

Breaking the following rules will result in an immediate IP ban, deletion of account and removal of all posts and topics.

• Absolutely NO
Foul or obscene language
References glorifying or inciting drug-misuse
References glorifying or inciting criminal behaviour or violence
Images or videos that contain profane language
Images or videos of graphic violence
Images or videos of an adult or graphically sexual nature
Images or videos that show drug misuse

• Racial, Sexual and Religious Equality
This site makes no discrimination between people of different race, gender or religion. Airsoft is a sport for all, and these forums reflect that. We welcome everyone except those who demonstrate intolerance toward others.

• Illegal/Banned Subjects
You cannot discuss anything that will help someone break the law in his or her locale. This means talking about:
How to evade paying tax on imported goods
How to make a semi-automatic replica shoot fully-automatic in a country that does not allow this feature
How to make your own or modify pyrotechnics
How to get restricted items past customs
How to get restricted items if you are under-age
Any other illegal activities

If you intend on using the Classifieds forum you must read the rules here. The link is very accessible from within the Classifieds forum if you wish to read the rules at a later date.

Thank you for reading!

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